John Wolven


Coming to sales from over 30 years of installation, John has found a way to accomplish putting floors on the most challenging of surfaces with a professional finish. John now oversees all store operations to ensure that experience finds its' way into every job.

Daryl Kranec

Director of operations

Having previous warehouse experience, Daryl is responsible for making sure the proper materials are in stock at the right times for the installation crews on a daily basis.

Priscilla Obie


A former branch manager at our local bank, Priscilla is here to ensure our customers find it easy inquiring about the status of orders, bills, payments, and other items of concern.

Dan Iams

Warehouse Manager

Dan came to us from a mechanical background. Due to the complex machinery we use (such as cutting machines) to service our customers, Dan fits right in to make sure that every job gets cut, and is responsible for making sure everything works. Dan has been highly succesful in doing whatever is necessary to get the day's work out.

Bill Carpenter


Known throughout the Hudson Valley, and at one point owning his own store, Bill Carpenter has planted firm roots with builders, contractors, and homeowners everywhere. Customers have a lot of faith that Bill will go the extra mile to fight for them to be happy.

Billy Petrilli


Billy started with our store doing installations, and later worked for us doing warehouse management and retail sales. Now Billy has been in our property management / builder sales division, putting his years of experience to use solving problems for others.

Paul Sammons


With a great amount of estimating experience, Paul is our in-store encyclopedia for niche products and circumstances, methods of installation, and preparation of floors. Now in sales, he is directly applying that knowledge to his own work.

Trevor Kranec

Trevor Kranec


Formerly a perfectionist in numerous construction-related trades, Trevor is helping new builders and multifamily complexes complete their visions in a clean and cost conscious manner. He has serviced multiple large, new apartment complexes and commercial spaces without any glitches.

Steve Mahedy


The creator of our company's Multi-family division, Steve has a vision to cut costs and transform spaces into comfortable, durable environments.

Jeff Mahedy


Jeff is the newest transplant to our company coming from the Hospitality industry. His years of experience there go hand-in-hand with many of the service industry and commercial jobs we do that require unique product qualities.